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Japanese Used Tire market abroad

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Today, I introduce our used tire market for export a little.
Currently, I export used tire or casing tire containers to the USA, Central & South America, Korea, Myanmar, and South Africa. However, some of these markets are negatively affected by the COVID and turmoil in ocean logistics. Therefore, we are focusing on Asian markets more that have a less negative impact than the previous year. What I learn from this pandemic is to diversify the markets to diffuse the risks.

This chart, extracted from the Japanese administration statistics, represents the monthly quantities of Japanese used tires exported to each country in 2021, and I chose some of them according to our markets.

monthly Japanese used tire numbers to each country in 2021

monthly Japanese used tire numbers to each country in 2021

You can find the huge increase in the quantities of Myanmar last year and Malaysia recovers it as they lifted the lockdown. On the other hand, American markets are afflicted by logistics turmoil. These numbers completely correspond to the pandemic in each country.

We have to sometimes use these numbers to foresee the markets to export used tires. We have to decide the export countries according to this evidence and have many countries and customers abroad in order to keep our business going on. I propose that you also see the Japanese used tire import numbers from your administration when you buy from Japan.