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  3. Japanese summer will be in end



Japanese summer will be in end

Japanese summer is about to be over. Did you watch the Olympic and Paralympic games held in Japan? While the Paralympic games are still going on, there are many scenes that brought us a lot of impressions. We’re are relieved the games have been held without any turmoils and issues. Hopefully, the next games in Paris will have many viewers in the stadium as a result of overcoming the pandemic.

Our used tire business is still brisk in these tough situations. In these two months, we could make a lot of containers of used tires and casings heading to Korea, the USA, Central America, and South America. 2021 will be over in three months, and we will have the Christmas season soon, which means the trading industry will be in high demand more and more. I really hope we can load containers as ever.

We still have many casings especially the size 11R22.5. Our grade lines up A, B and R1 grades, which contains almost all Japanese brands. We can mix up with used tires. I always welcome new buyers around the world if they have good markets.