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  3. Rainy season over and summer has come



Rainy season over and summer has come

The rainy season in Tokyo has been over this week and summer has come now. Do you know the Japanese harsh summer? It is extremely hot and humid and people working outside have to be cautious against heat disease.

In summer, we have much fewer used tires than in winter. Do you know the reason? It is because we can collect them from logistics companies who change the tires to studless tires for the upcoming winter. They will dispose of many tires they have used until then. That is we can look for quality Japanese used tires in winter.

However, this situation changed this summer. We still have many good used tires that we couldn’t sell derived from the short of container space and price hiked in the shipping companies. You might be able to find good quality used tires as long as you ask or contact me.

I’m waiting for your contact!